February 19, 2014

Tiếng Anh giao tiếp du lịch, bài 9: Ngắm cảnh

Tình huống Martin tham quan một vài nơi như đi mua đồ lưu niệm, xem vở múa ba-lê. Bạn hãy xem và ghi nhớ những câu quan trọng mà nhân vật sử dụng nhé!

Buying souvenirs - Mua đồ lưu niệm

- How much are this T-shirts?
- The adult size are $10 each and the children's sizes are $6.

- I could buy some for my niece and nephews.
- I can give you a discount. Three shirts for $15, OK?

- OK. That sounds like a good bargain.
- what size do you want?

- My niece is 8 years old and the twins are 5.
- What designs do you want?

- Well, my niece would love this koala T-shirt, but I'm not sure about the boys. Yeah, maybe the kangaroos.
- What color would you like?

- OK. I'll have an orange koala T-shirt and a blue and an red kangaroo T-shirt.

- That will be $15
- $15. Here you are

- Thank you
- Thank you

Booking a ticket - Đặt vé

- Hi. I'm interested in seeing a ballet performance.
- Oh, we have "Mirror Mirror" showing at the moment. It's a performance based on the story of Snow White

- That sounds good. Can you tell me the show times?
- Yes. Let's see. We have evening performances at 7 during the week and on weekends, we have a Matinée that begins at 4.

- Do you have any seats available for an evening this week?
- This week. Let me check. Yes. What day would you like?

- Tuesday, please
- OK. And would you like to sit in the stalls or the balcony?
- The balcony, please

- OK. That's one ticket for Tuesday's performance of "Mirror Mirror". You have a seat in the balcony and I'll see if I can get you as closer to the front as possible. Ok. That's $78.
- OK. There you go.

- OK. And here's your ticket. I hope you'll enjoy the show.

- Thanks. Oh! Could you tell me the way to the art museum?
- Yes, just go out the door, take a right, go around the botanical garden, you will see the art museum in front of you

- OK. Thanks. I hope that I won't get lost.
- Don't worry. There're signs along the way.

- Good. I'll probably need them, Thanks. Bye.
- Bye.
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