February 16, 2014

Tiếng Anh giao tiếp du lịch, bài 6: Tại quán rượu

Anh chàng Martin gặp người bạn mới tên Tony tại quán rượu. Đây là tình huống thứ 6 trong 10 tình huống giao tiếp tiếng Anh khi đi du lịch, loạt bài hướng dẫn cách giao tiếp tiếng Anh khi đến một nước nói tiếng Anh.

Ordering brinks - Gọi đồ uống

-- Excuse me. Can I order a drink, please?
Sure, what can I get for you?

-- I'd like a beer. What locally produced beers are there?
Well, we have VB, Victoria Bitter, which is made in Victoria, the southern states, and we have Toey's which is produced here in New South Wales.

-- I'll have a Toey's, please.
Toey's! Would you like a glass or a midi?

-- What's a midi?
It's just a larger glass.

-- I'll have a midi then, please.
There you go.

-- Thank you.

Dialogue 2. Meeting a new friend - Gặp bạn mới

-- Hi, can I join you for a drink?
Yes, please do.

--My name's Tony. And you?
I'm Martin. Please to meet you. Are you here for business or for pleasure?

-- Business. I'm here with a colleague of mine. We have a conference tomorrow.
Will you have any time for sightseeing?

-- A little, but we come here quite often, so I've seen many of the tourist attractions already.
I've come here on business before, too, but I didn't stay very long and I had no time for sightseeing. This time I'm only here for a holiday.

-- Ah, well, you should enjoy it.
Well, I hope so. When did you arrive?

-- Early this afternoon. And you?
I've only just arrived myself.

-- Are you planning on staying long?
Oh, I'm here for a week. How about you?

-- Just a couple of nights.
Oh, that's too bad. It must be very tiring for you.

-- A little, but I'm used to it. Are you traveling alone?
Yes. Unfortunately, my girlfriend has work commitments, so she couldn't make it.

-- Well, just try to stay ouf of trouble.

Dialogue 3. Souvenirs - Đồ lưu niệm

-- so, do you normally go shopping while you're over here?
I try to avoid it, I do not enjoy shopping. I will have to buy some souvenirs for my kids, though.

-- What are the best souvenirs to buy in Australia?
Well, Australia is well-known for its wildlie. There are a lot of things with kangaroos and koalas on them.

-- Anything else?
Aboriginal art is really good. There are lots of things with Aboriginal art decorated on them.

-- Yeah. I'll look out for that.
Then of course, there is the famous didgeridoo.

-- Oh, the aboriginal musical instrument. Have you ever played it before?
Yes, it's harder than it looks.

-- Well, I'll have to try it while I'm here.
Good luck!

-- Well, I'm afraid I have to go to bed now.
I should, too. I have work in the morning.

-- Thank for the company. Hope to see you again.
Many. Have a good night's sleep and enjoy your sightseeing tomorrow.

-- Thank you, I will. Good night.
Good night.
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