February 15, 2014

Tiếng Anh giao tiếp du lịch, bài 5: Tại nhà hàng


Bài này đề cập đến tình huống vào ăn tại nhà hàng. Đây là 1 trong 10 tình huống giao tiếp tiếng Anh khi đi du lịch, loạt bài hướng dẫn cách giao tiếp tiếng Anh khi đến một nước nói tiếng Anh.

Welcome - Tiếp đón

- Hello, sir
...are you dining alone?
- Table for one, please

- Smoking or non smoking?
- Non smoking please

- I have a table for you
...please follow me

- Would you like to drink with your meal sir?
- Can I see the wine list, please?

- It's dry wine from House Red in New South Wales
- Ok. I'll have a bottle of House Red please

- Certainly. Here's our tonight menu
...a waitress will be with you shortly to take your order
- OK. Thank you


- Here's the wine that you ordered, sir
...would you like to let it breathe for a little while or shall I pour it now?
- I have a glass now, please

- Are you ready for me to take the order?
- Yes, I'll have the T-bone steak, please

- How would you like it cooked?
- Medium rare

- OK. That is served with seasonal vegetables
...and your choice is jacket potato or chips?
- Jacket potato please
...I haven't had jacket potato for a long time

- OK. That's one T-bone steak, medium rare and seasonal vegetables and jacket potato
- Yes, thank you

- Is everything OK sir?
- Yes, that was delicious. Thank you

- Would you like some dessert?
...we have cheese biscuits, apple pies and chocolate éclair
- I'll have a chocolate éclair please

- Can I get you anything else?
- Yes, I'd like a café latte please

- I'll bring it to you in a moment

Bill - Hóa đơn

- Could I have the bill, please?
- Certainly. I'll get it for you
- Would you like to pay now or shall I charge it to your room?

- I'd rather pay now ,please
- I will be back for the bill

- OK. So you had a T-bone steak, a bottle of the House Red, a chocolate éclair and a cup of coffee
...that will be $36.74
- Is service included?

- Yes.That includes tax and 10% service charge
- Here's 40 dollar. You can keep the change

- Thank you very much
- Thank you. Good bye.
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