February 14, 2014

Tiếng Anh giao tiếp du lịch, bài 4: Tại khách sạn

Tiếng Anh du lịch, bài 4 tại khách sạn
Tình huống giúp hướng dẫn những thủ tục cơ bản khi vào ở khách sạn. Bạn đang xem tình huống thứ 4 trong 10 tình huống giao tiếp tiếng Anh khi du lịch đến một nước nói tiếng Anh.

Reception desk - Bàn tiếp tân

- Good evening, sir
- Evening. I'd like to check-in please.

- Certainly, sir. Do you have any reservation?
- Yes, it's in the name of Martin Andrew White.

- That's right. You've booked a room with a view of the harbor. Can you please sign your name in this registration book?

- Here is your key card. You're in room number 1004. It's on the thirtieth floor. You'll have a great view of harbor from there.
- Thanks. Where can I get something to eat?

- Our restaurant is located in the third floor. Dinner is served from 7.

- Great. What time is breakfast served in the morning?
- Breakfast is served between 6 and 10.

- OK. Thank you for your help.
- You're very welcome, sir. I'll just call a bellboy to show you to your room. I hope you'll enjoy your stay.

Asking about local information - Hỏi về thông tin địa phương

- Is there anything interesting to see nearby?
- Yes, the hotel is in the area called "The Rocks". It's the oldest part of the city. There are many cafés and restaurants nearby.

- Are there any shops in the area?
- There are a few small craft shops and we have a morning market every Saturday and Sunday.

- The morning market sounds interesting. Are there many stalls?
- Yes, it's very big. You can buy souvenirs, handicrafts, jewelry, clothes. It's very good.

- Where are the other shops?
- Most of the shops are up in the city centre. It's a short walk away.

- And the harbor is nearby, too, isn't it?
- That's right. You'll have a good view of it from your bed room window.
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