February 20, 2014

Tiếng Anh giao tiếp du lịch, bài 10: Dừng người đi đường

Tiếng Anh du lịch, bài 10
Không may anh chàng Martin của chúng ta bị lạc phải nhờ người giúp đỡ trở về khách sạn. Hãy xem vị khách đã xin sự giúp đỡ như thế nào, bạn nhé! Stopping a passerby - Dừng một người qua đường

I'm lost - Tôi bị lạc

- Excuse me. I think I'm lost. Can you help me?
- Sure. Where do you want to go?

- Well, I'm trying to get back to my hotel. I'm staying at the Four Seasons. Do you know it?

- Yes. I do. You're quite a long way away.
- I thought it might be.

- You'll have to walk back through the centre of the city. I can direct you but it's complicated.
- Maybe I'd better catch a taxi.

- I think that might be a good idea. You can get one at the end of the road.
- Ok. Thanks for your help. Goodbye.

- Goodbye.

Returning to the hotel - Trở về khách sạn

- Good evening, sir, Welcome back.
- Thank you.

- Did you have a good day?
- Yes, thank you. I went to the market, the Opera House and the art museum. I did get lost on my way back, though.

- Oh, dear! I'm sure you'll soon find your bearings.
- Well, I think that's enough for one day. I'm going have some dinner and go to my room.

- OO. Have a good night sleep.
- Thank you. I plan to. I have a lot more to see tomorrow.
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