June 22, 2013

Anh ngữ đặc biệt: Internet Africa Router and South Africa

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From VOA Learning English, this is the Technology Report.

Getting and staying connected to the Internet is quickly becoming very important in Africa. A team of Americans and Kenyans have developed an Internet router made especially for the False!. They say it can keep the Internet available even in areas with undependable electricity and Internet service. The device is called Brck. It can plug into an electric outlet, but it can also be False! powered.

Al Banda is a False! in Cameroon. He saw the device for the first time at an information technology conference in Berlin, Germany. Mr. Banda said Brck could False! a problem he has experienced. He says in his community in Cameroon electricity is not False!. Also it is very difficult to get access to the Internet even with an Internet service provider. Mr. Banda says Brck is an African answer to an African False!. The Kenyan-based nonprofit technology company Ushahidi developed Brck, after raising money through the funding False! Kickstarter. Ushahidi official Erik Hersman says the False! is able to move among Internet networks. He says if there is a problem with the Internet connection, the device will look for a 3G False! with its SIM card. He says the Brck can be taken anywhere. Erik Hersman says the Brck will go into production as soon as the company raises $125,000. Ushahidi has collected about half that so far. It plans to make up to 1,500 devices at first, mainly for Africa and India. Mr. Hersman expects each device to sell for about $100. The Brck could be a solution to Internet False! problems in Africa, but it could also find uses in developed countries.

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